The function of flatten layer in deep learning

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Flatten layer is implemented in Keras.layers.core . flatten() class.


Flatten layer is used to “flatten” the input, that is, to make the multi-dimensional input one-dimensional. It is often used in the transition from convolution layer to fully connected layer. Flatten does not affect the size of the batch.


from keras.models import Sequential
from keras.layers.core import Flatten
from keras.layers.convolutional import Convolution2D
from keras.utils.vis_utils import plot_model

model = Sequential()
# now:model.output_shape==(None,64,32,32)

# now: model.output_shape==(None,65536)

plot_model(model, to_file='Flatten.png', show_shapes=True)

In order to better understand the function of flatten layer, I visualize this neural network, as shown in the figure below:

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