The collapse pits of VTK projects that are not generated by cmake

Some of the compilation options for CMake and IDE are different, so we users need to do a little more work. And VTK officials also said:
If you are not using CMake to compile your code, you need to add some # cbb0
I. OpenGL version problem, if it is OpenGL2 version, need to add

#include <vtkAutoInit.h>


Two, about VTKRenderingFreeType, once in the interactive window render a VTKTextActor, report abnormal report vomiting (output information as shown below). When I see this solution on Stack Overflow, I need to add the next line of code


outputWindow ณณ:ERROR: In D:\VTK6.3\VTK-src\Rendering\Core\vtkTextActor.cxx, line 110
vtkTextActor (0509BA90): Failed to get the TextRenderer instance!

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