Clion appears cmake error: could not find cmake_ Root! What is the problem and how to solve it?

Clion appears CMake Error: Could not find CMAKE_ROOT!! What is the problem and how should it be solved?

this is my first blog post. I used to use codeblocks for c++, but it feels like the debug feature on codeblocks itself has never been particularly useful. Since I was recommended to use clion, I think clion debug function is really powerful and easy to use, but I reinstalled the win10 system, and then re-initialized it (is to set some user names, boot passwords and a lot of things), clion began to report crazy errors, that is

the causes of the errors is clion path there is a Chinese, will be garbled words, if you find that can solve the problem by changing the path all is well, but if because you just installed the new system, the initialization time wrote his own name, you think this is the name displayed when the phone is switched on (although it is) but also can make your disk c username (admin) changed to Chinese, so you can only to reinstall the re-initialization.

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