Testlink 1.9.16 Error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use string offset as an array in D:\softe

Installed testlink 1.9.16 on Windows 10 with error when running tests:

Fatal error:*UncaughtError:*Cannotaccomplish use of strings along offset as an oararray in D:\softest\htdocs\testlink\lib\execute\execSetResults. php:1533 php(93):*processTestCase(NULL,*Object(stdClass),Object(stdClass),*Array,*Object(tree),*Object(testcase),*Object(tlAttachmentRepository)*#1{main}*thrownalong in D:\softest\htdocs\testlink\lib\execute\execSetResults. php on line 1533


Open the path file provided in the error:          D:\softest\htdocs\testlink\lib\execute\execSetResults. php database

By opening the memory book, Ctrl+F search for $finalFilters


foreach($locationFilters as $locationKey => $filterValue)
    $guiObj->design_time_cfields[$tcase_id][$locationKey] =........;


$finalFilters = array();
$guiObj-> design_time_cfields = array();

As below:

After returning, refresh new testlinks into the Internet immediately.

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