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[Solved] selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn

1. Phenomenon: Jenkins cannot call out the browser page when building selenium, and Jenkins reports an error when building selenium: selenium.common.exceptions WebDriverException: Message: unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn’t exist

2. Troubleshooting: run the project code directly under the Jenkins working directory, call out the browser normally, and the use case execution is completed

3. Reason: after Jenkins is built, the default node for running automation cases is the master, and the processes running on the master are background processes, so you can’t see the browser running interface

4. Solution:

① build the project in a graph free way
② add a slave node to Jenkins and point the project construction node to slave

[Solved] Jmeter Connect Database Error: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory

Recently, you have encountered such a problem in JMeter connection database:

Response message:java.sql.SQLException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Unknown initial character set index '255' received from server. Initial client character set can be forced via the 'characterEncoding' property.)


The reason for this error is the coding problem, as shown in the following figure:

Modify the Database URL in JDBC Connection Configuration to


For example: jdbc:mysql://

The problem is solved~

Testlink 1.9.16 Error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use string offset as an array in D:\softe

Installed testlink 1.9.16 on Windows 10 with error when running tests:

Fatal error:*UncaughtError:*Cannotaccomplish use of strings along offset as an oararray in D:\softest\htdocs\testlink\lib\execute\execSetResults. php:1533 php(93):*processTestCase(NULL,*Object(stdClass),Object(stdClass),*Array,*Object(tree),*Object(testcase),*Object(tlAttachmentRepository)*#1{main}*thrownalong in D:\softest\htdocs\testlink\lib\execute\execSetResults. php on line 1533


Open the path file provided in the error:          D:\softest\htdocs\testlink\lib\execute\execSetResults. php database

By opening the memory book, Ctrl+F search for $finalFilters


foreach($locationFilters as $locationKey => $filterValue)
    $guiObj->design_time_cfields[$tcase_id][$locationKey] =........;


$finalFilters = array();
$guiObj-> design_time_cfields = array();

As below:

After returning, refresh new testlinks into the Internet immediately.

Jmeter not-GUI Run Error: Error generaing the report:java.langNullPointerException

Error generating the report: java.langnullpointerexception when JMeter runs on the command line

This error is caused by CSV. Error reading CSV file path,   The CSV set file is not found, and there is no result after running. This error will occur only when an error is reported in the generated report, so you only need to configure the correct file path to run successfully. During distributed pressure measurement, the file path on the slave machine is used and placed in the bin directory. The file paths of multiple slave machines are consistent. Problem solving.

JMeter running error response code: non HTTP response code: java.lang.illegalargumentexception find and solve

JMeter operation error

Response code: non HTTP response code: java.lang.illegalargumentexception
response message: non HTTP response message: bound must be greater than origin

the error is due to the problem of parameter transmission. First, we need to check whether the parameter is correct

after checking, we find that the name is wrong, The case is not distinguished, so it can’t be found all the time. It’s successful to run after modification.

The ADB server port is changed to 10001, and appium cannot connect to the device

After modifying the ADB server port to 10001, enter ADB devices – L in CMD to successfully detect the device:

Open appium and run the script. The appium running log shows that the device cannot be connected and has been killing the port number 5037 ADB server. The error information is as follows:

I changed the port number of the ADB server to 10001. Why do I still kill 5037?

Seeing this error, when I first thought about it, the environment variable of the modified port was not configured to appium. Click the edit configurations button of appium, and I found that there were no new buttons, but only the default environment variable:

I searched a lot of information on the Internet and found no solution. Finally, I found a solution in an appium Chinese user guide,   Put the guide link here: appium Chinese User Guide – Jianshu (Jianshu. Com)

Modify the running script and add ‘adbport’: ‘10001’ to desired_ In caps Dictionary:

Restart appium, run the script again, connect the device successfully, and solve the problem!

PS: when using appium, you can familiarize yourself with the above instructions and have a general understanding of appium; Then, when running, you should pay attention to the running log. Many problems can be located step by step through the error reporting of the log