How to Solve AD20 Channel-Offset Error


Solution to Channel-Offset Error when the same circuit module of ad20 PCB is multiplexed in room format

1. Problem phenomenon

We often encounter the following problems when using room format to quickly layout circuits of the same module,

2. Solution

There are many processes of copying PCB layout of the same module circuit on the Internet, which will not be repeated here. The steps are similar, only the root cause of the problem
1: check whether the following three status settings are correct or not?
2: Channel Offset I recommend using the box, that is, select the first table and then pull down, paste the same; if you are in accordance with the EXCEL table as click Channel-Offset, and then right-click to copy, the results may lead to no copy success;.

3: before pasting, pay attention to keep the device arrangement order of the original circuit and the target circuit consistent

my main problem is the second point. I thought the copy was successful, but I didn’t copy it, so I didn’t paste it. Finally, I kept reporting errors, which annoyed me!

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