Synergy 1.4.12 “ipc connection error, connection refused” and other issues

You have encountered the same problems with installing the latest version of Synergy 1.4.12 as I did. If you have encountered the same problems as I did, I hope you can take less detour

Installation steps and tutorials, a search on the Internet without saying a few points need to pay attention to the problem

1. I suggest you download the latest version of Synergy, because the operation of the latest version has been greatly simplified and many bugs have been solved

2. The two versions should be consistent. If they are not consistent, all kinds of weird problems will occur

Example: Your server has 64-bit Synergy installed while your client has 32-bit Synergy installed

.”ipc connection error, connection refused”

“Failed to connect to Server: Protocol Error from Server “error prompt

I encountered a situation that worked the first time it was configured, but didn’t work the next day when it was restarted. The client kept reporting this error when connecting

My configuration environment: My server synergys is MAC and my Synergyc is WIN7

The reason was that I used syner1.4.10 version of synergy1.4.10 inexplicably after synergy1.4.10 was installed before and restarted. The server and client versions failed to match, so I kept reporting this error

Solution: Delete synergy from previous releases completely, and don’t be distracted

4. The inconsistency between the protocols of the Server and the Client will also result in the problems described above. For example, the Client chooses the “encryption protocol”, while the Server chooses other protocols, which can be seen in the configuration

If you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss

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