[Handling Notes] Alternative reasons for Configuration system failed to initialize exception

Configuration System failed to initialize exception

There is a c# program on a computer, when performing an operation, it will always report the following error:

Baidu Yi found that the common reason in the market is the location of a specific node in the configuration file is wrong, or the configuration file is damaged, etc., and this program does not use the built-in configuration file scheme, but ini, so it does not apply to my problem. As a result of this program is not mine, so first reflator out source code (c # let I’ve struggled with this, on the one hand, afraid of his own program was against, on the other hand, thanks to the ~ to the others, NND), debug tracking under, found that was WebRequest. The Create () caused by abnormal, this method will most because of the incoming uri string format error caused illegal exception, this can cause the error was the first time to see (I want to Create methods internal is also caused by other classes, but did not explore), anyway, Since it is a non-mainstream exception raised by the built-in class, we try:
Reinstall the.net Framework
Doing weigh in hand.

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