[Solved] Matlab 2021b install activate Error: License manager error – 103

Error reporting:

Firstly, this error is not a problem with the installation or activation of MATLAB. Secondly, this occurs only when the remote desktop uses MATLAB.

Cause analysis:

This is because matlab uses FLEXlm for license management, while FLEXlm does not support remote desktop access. However, you can use the license file with a little modification.

(reprint the solution of the license manager error – 103 reported by MATLAB on the remote desktop)


1. Enter the license file under r2021b\licenses:

2. Open with Notepad:

3. Ctrl + H enters the replacement window and replaces’ sign = ‘with’ ts’_OK SIGN=’:

After modification, save.

Directly open matlab again, you can succeed!

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