[Solved] failed to start remount root and kernel file system

1. The problem that appears, this problem comes from the file system is backed up out. The problem does not occur if you install it yourself using the CD

failed to start remount root and kernel file system

What it means is: Failed to mount root and kernel. 2.

2. the cause of the problem:

The uuid in /etc/fatab is different from the actual uuid.

It is better to comment the unused disk mount

When system boots, it will mount the file system in the order specified in fatab.

3. how to solve:

(1) Go to live cd (the disk where you install Ubuntu) or other linux system

(2) Open terminal, type sudo blkid, check the uuid of all partitions

(3) Go to the /etc folder under the root partition where you normally enter the system, open a terminal in the folder, and type sudo gedit fstab (or sudo vim fstab ) to modify fstab

Change it to your own and comment out the rest

In addition to the above problems, it also causes the system to wait overtime:

The problem of waiting timeout can be solved by adding the above unused mount notes.

The timeout here is still caused by the file mount in the fstab.

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