redhat7. 5 system service is not started automatically and use systemctl start error: error getting authority: error initializing authority: CO, (the server will restart)

After the server is powered on, the default system service SSH network card will not start automatically
when using systemctl start sshd command, the following error will be reported. After the error is reported, the server will restart automatically
error getting authority: error initializing authority: could not connect: no such file or directory (g-io-error-wuark, 1)
view the system log, The following error is reported
#journalctl – XB
dependency failed for migrate local SELinux policy changes from the old store structure to the new structure

It may be that the attached system file does not exist.
#mount – a check whether the system attachment is normal, and the following error is reported.
mount special device XXX does not exist
#cat/etc/fstab check whether there is redundant attachment configuration for boot attachment, and delete the attachment configuration

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