VScode integrate terminal input node error [How to Solve]

At the beginning, an error is reported when NPM install XXX is entered in vscode:

NPM: the ‘NPM’ entry cannot be recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or runnable program. Check the spelling of the name. If you include a path, make sure the path is correct, and then try again
location line: 1 character: 1
+ NPM install unip
+ ~ ~
+ categoryinfo: objectnotfound: (NPM: String) [], commandnotfoundexception
+ fullyqualified errorid: commandnotfoundexception

After that, I input node – V and NPM – V on CMD, which are not internal commands. Then I input node on windows PowerShell to execute. Then I checked the environment variables and found that I used node The installation directory of JS was moved, but the path of the environment variable was not modified. After the modification, everything was normal, but the vscode integration terminal still didn’t work. I checked a lot of data.


Right click the vscode icon – properties – compatibility – run as administrator

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