ValueError: Input 0 of node import/save/Assign was passed float from import/beta1_power:0 incompatib

Exception encountered while importing optimized frozen graph.

# read pb into graph_def
with tf.gfile.GFile(pb_file, "rb") as f:
    graph_def = tf.GraphDef()

# import graph_def
with tf.Graph().as_default() as graph:

Get exception in this line:

tf.import_ graph_ def(graph_ def)

ValueError: Input 0 of node import/save/Assign was passed float from import/beta1_ power:0 incompatible with expected float_ ref.

The solution: make sure your_ The file format is correct (similar to this), and try to_ graph_ Set some values in the ‘name’ parameter of def() to try to override the default value of ‘import’, as follows:

import tensorflow as tf

from tensorflow.python.platform import gfile

# read graph definition
f = gfile.FastGFile(model_path, "rb")
gd = graph_def = tf.GraphDef()

# fix nodes
for node in graph_def.node:
    if node.op == 'RefSwitch':
        node.op = 'Switch'
        for index in xrange(len(node.input)):
            if 'moving_' in node.input[index]:
                node.input[index] = node.input[index] + '/read'
    elif node.op == 'AssignSub':
        node.op = 'Sub'
        if 'use_locking' in node.attr: del node.attr['use_locking']

# import graph into session
tf.import_graph_def(graph_def, name='')
tf.train.write_graph(graph_def, './', 'good_frozen.pb', as_text=False)
tf.train.write_graph(graph_def, './', 'good_frozen.pbtxt', as_text=True)

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