Solve the error in installing aclocal-1.6 for splint

//splint-3.1.1/config/missing: line 46: aclocal-1.6: command not found
WARNING: `aclocal-1.6' is needed, and you do not seem to have it handy on your
         system.  You might have modified some files without having the
         proper tools for further handling them.  Check the `README' file,
         it often tells you about the needed prerequirements for installing
         this package.  You may also peek at any GNU archive site, in case
         some other package would contain this missing `aclocal-1.6' program

1. Install automake sudo apt get install automake
2. If automake is installed, the version should not correspond. If you manually enter aclocal without an error, modify the makefile of splint, and manually delete the version number after aclocal and automake, followed by

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