How to solve the problem of Cannot find module’npmlog’ when installing nodejs under Linux

I used Ubuntu version of Linux, downloaded nodeJS6 executable file compression package from nodeJS official website, extracted it into folder under the Window, and uploaded it to Linux server through WinSCP.
Configure environment variables:
Add a script under /etc/profile.d/, which reads as follows:

export NODE_HOME=/home/TECS/nodejs/node-v6.11.1-linux-x64
export PATH=$PATH:$NODE_HOME/bin
export NODE_PATH=$NODE_HOME/lib/node_modules

If you want to make the configuration work without restarting the machine, repeat the three commands from the command line.
Running NPM-V at this time Cannot find Module ‘NPMLOG’ error.
The solution
CD command enter /home/TECS/nodejs/node-v6.11.1-linux-x64/bin then execute the following command to establish the soft connection:

ln -s ../lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js

The generated NPM-cli.JS soft connection is then renamed to NPM. The original NPM file is not available.

mv npm-cli.js npm

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