Solutions to error 25090 in office 2003

When you try to install, repair or uninstall Office, you may receive the following
Error message: Error 25090 Office Setup a Problem with the Office Source Engine, System Error: -2147023836 (Error 25090). Office installer has encountered problems related to Office Source Engine, system error: -2147023836)
Reason 1
The Office Source Engine (ose.exe) cannot be started because it has been stopped or disabled.
solution 1
Log in with administrative privileges.
right click “my computer”.
select manage.
click services and applications.
select service.
go to “Office Source Engine” and select enable the service.
Solution 2

modify the registry:
click start, click run, type regedit, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE(abbreviated as HKLM), open the plus sign, then open SOFTWARE-> Microsoft-> Office-> 11.0 – & gt; Devilery, see the value of CDCache, change it to 0, OK! There is something wrong with WORD in my computer these days. Say what is missing iJ561401.CAB file. Each time it opens, a box appears.
I searched the Internet, finally found a set of WORD CAB files in one of the good website!

in general

specific installation method:
1. Make sure you know which file you are missing before downloading. 2. Create a new folder and remember the location of the folder. 3. Find and download the files you need from this website, and put them into the new folder

4. When prompted to install office2003, enter the path to the saved file. Sometimes, for example, after you type in the path of “IJ561401.CAB “, a similar one pops up, telling you that another CAB file is missing, such as “ZA561401”, “YI541401”, “ZU61403”,

, you can do the same thing. You can put another folder in the same folder (at least that’s what I do, haha)

and if that works, WORD will open automatically at the end.

in the experiment, you open WORD again, directly appeared!! In addition, these CAB files on the Internet are all compressed files, I do not know whether I should decompress or not, at least I am decompressed in the same folder, no problem.

in WORD finally no longer out of the wind at the same time I would like to thank these find documents selfless dedication to the vast number of Internet users great people! There is a saying that “the power of Internet users is infinite”. It is precisely because of these selfless people who share their knowledge, power and resources. People can solve their own problems. Thanks again!

take the trouble to uninstall office, and then install again, it must be solved

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