FTP prompt in Linux — 553 could not create file (absolutely useful)

Linux FTP tip –553 Could not create file (absolutely useful)

Prompt 553 Could not create file, set the owner and permission of this directory, or report this error, then check carefully on the Internet, the problem is solved as follows:


Ftp> Put back_log. TXT/home/user001 /

553 Could not create file

ftp> Put back_log. TXT/home/user001/back_log. TXT

This command can be printed out using the echo command.

Error message


The current directory is /home

Ftp> ! ls -l

-RWXR-XR-x 1 root root 146 Aug 16 03:30 HOSTS

Rw – r – r – 1 root root 46 Aug 16 02:09 host. TXT

Rw – r – r – 1 root root 51 Aug 15 07:14 logins. TXT

Ftp> put host.txt

Local: host. TXT remote: host. TXT

227 ‘Entering into Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,62,184)

150 Ok to send data.

226 the File receive OK.

46 Bytes Sent in 0.014 seconds (3.2 Kbytes/s)

Ftp> put hosts

Local: hosts remote hosts

227 ‘Entering into Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,174,59)

150 Ok to send data.

226 the File receive OK.

146 Bytes Sent in 0.046 seconds (3.1 Kbytes/s)

Ftp> put /home/hosts

Local:/home/hosts remote:/home/hosts

227 ‘Entering into Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,232,15)

553 Could not create File.


Problem: ftp> Put the/home/hosts and ftp> Put hosts (the current directory is /home

) The parameters to be executed should be the same. Why can’t the former be uploaded?


When we come across this kind of problem, we should first analyze the reason


Consider whether selinux is a reason to try disabling SELinux

2. Maybe FTP folder does not have write permission, confirm the directory permission

3. Is there write_enable=YES in the configuration file


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