Solution of MySQL data garbled problem

MySQL data garbled to solve the problem
Note for INSERT
The size of the data should be within the specified range of the column. For example, a string with master 80 cannot be inserted into a column with master 40. The data position listed in VALUES must correspond to the permutation position of the column to be added. You can use value in MySQL, but it is not recommended. It has the same function as values. Character and date data should be enclosed in single quotes. Double quotation marks can also be used as delimiters in MySQL. No column is specified or NULL is used to insert a null value.
View the encoding of MySQL’s internal Settings

show variables like 'character%';

The solution
Change the code of Client, Connection and Results to GBK to ensure that it is consistent with DOS command line code

tr> <>> set cha>er_set_connection = GBK; Set character_set_results= GBKtr> <>> set cha>er_set_results = GBK;



set GBK character_set_client =; Set character_set_connection= GBK
modify the results of the query character set GBK
Set all three at once

 set names gbk; 

Note: Exit DOS command line is invalid, need to configure each time

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