Server Tomcat v7.0 server at localhost failed to start

maybe everyone will encounter Server Tomcat v7.0 Server at localhost failed to start,

after many studies, Delete the @webservlet (” /AddServlet “) sentence from the servlet file (generally under Java Resources\ SRC \ package name \ servletnaming. Java) and run the program again to eliminate the problem of Tomcat startup failure. There is another situation . Tomcat cannot be started in eclipse when the tomcat service in the server is started. Step – open task manager – click on the service options – find tomcat7 – right click to stop.

There are two other possibilities:
> when you create a servlet file in your project, a tag will automatically appear @webservlet (” /** “) // drop this tag around the class definition to see if you can fix the problem;
if you are using the campus network to run the agent, is not allowed, you need to turn off the agent before you can;

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