Server object error ‘ASP 0178: 80070005’

Server object error \’ASP 0178:80070005\’

Server.createobject access error

Mang/fuc. Asp, line 11

The call to server.createObject failed when checking the weight limit. Deny access to this object.

Some friends make these errors on ASP sites.

Treatment method:

1. First check to see which object component they call, and then add permission to the corresponding file. You can also re-register with the component if necessary.

For example, Set Conn = server.createObject (” adodb.Connection “)

Then the object called is the component ADODB. You want to view permissions or re-register based on the component you call.

2, if the site access to run permissions are enough, it needs to check the TMP file under the root directory of C disk, because the site is visited, first access to the TMP file, to add the permissions of everyone to this file, generally speaking, out of the full control and modification, other permissions need to be added.


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