Solve the error in Ubuntu 18.04: called “net usershare info” but it failed: failed to execute child process “net”

1. Problem description

Ubuntu 18.04 suddenly encountered the following error while using:

Called "net usershare info" but it failed: Failed to execute child process “net” (No such file or directory)


error comes from Ubuntu nautilus, and the trigger is when nautilus is closed, as shown below:

2. Solution

s1.install samba-common-bin by running the following command from the terminal:

sudo apt install samba-common-bin

if you finish executing S1 and close nautilus with the following error, proceed with S2.

S2. Execute the following command:

sudo mkdir /var/lib/samba/usershares	

you can now find that closing nautilus will no longer report an error, and the problem is resolved.


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