Troubleshooting of “disk I / O error” after startup

Abstract: user boot DiskI/Oerror error information is how to return a responsibility, how to deal with boot DiskI/Oerror fault, take a look at the author is how to deal with DiskI/Oerror boot screen appears DiskI/Oerror fault fault phenomena, Replacethedisk, and

What is the problem of the error message of “Disk I/O error” when the user starts up the machine?How to deal with the fault of “Disk I/O error” when the user starts up the machine?Here is how to deal with the fault of “Disk I/O error”.
The fault phenomenon
“Disk I/O error,Replace the Disk,and then press any key” error message appears on the boot screen. After pressing “Enrter” key, the system stops and cannot start on this interface.

Disk I/O error

Failure analysis
This type of failure is usually due to the hard disk’s master boot record being corrupted, so you can override the master boot record using the “Fdisk/MBR” command.
1. Restart the computer. When the prompt “Press DEL to Entered SETUP” appears at the bottom of the screen, Press “DEL” to Enter the BIOS setting interface, and then Press “↓” to select “Advance BIOS Features” and Press “Enter”.


2. Then Enter the “Advance BIOS Features” interface, press the “↓” key to select the “First BOOT Device” option, press the “Enter” key to Enter the “First BOOT Device” setting interface, and press the “↓” key to select the “Floppy” option. In other words, the system is automatically booted from the Floppy drive.

3. Press “Enter” to confirm the selection and return to the “Advance BIOS Features” setting interface, then press “F10” to pop up the prompt box, and then press “Enter” to save the setting and exit the BIOS interface.

4. Insert the DOS boot disk into the floppy drive. After the computer automatically reboots, enter DOS state, and then input “fdisk/ MBR” command at the command prompt.

5. Press “Enter” to run the command “fdisk/ MBR” and overwrite the current hard disk’s master boot record, and the command prompt status will be returned after completion.

6, take out the floppy disk from the floppy drive after restarting the computer can be successfully from the hard disk boot into the operating system.

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