National No.1, what did Python do?

Python is without a doubt one of the hottest programming languages out there right now. The rise of Python has taken programming to a new level. It is no longer just for programmers, and everyone is learning Python, leading to a sudden rise in popularity and popularity. Python is extremely beneficial to the entire industry.
Python is everywhere, as Tiobe officially says, and in fact, since 2018, businesses have been deploying Python.
In education,
1. Since March 2018, the subject of “Python Programming” has been added to the National Computer Rank Examination II;
2. In 2018, Zhejiang Provincial Information Technology Teaching Material announced to abandon VB language and choose Python language which is more easy to understand;
3. The sixth grade information technology textbooks for primary schools in Shandong Province have also added Python content
In technical circles,
1. Python is developing rapidly in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.
Python is also suitable for Web development, backend, mobile application development, and even (larger) embedded systems.
Python is becoming more and more popular, and it’s also attracting a lot of learners. Although Python has a reputation for being easy to learn, it can be difficult for people who have never been involved in computer programming to get a good grasp of it. The most important thing for beginners to Python is to choose a direction that works for them.
Learn Python from scratch! Learn Python from scratch! Today you can get all the information for only 0 yuan! And in the process of learning, you can also participate in our live learning!
A basic introduction to Python
Python development environment, function application, file manipulation, object-oriented, exception handling

2, Python advanced knowledge point explanation
Network programming, concurrent programming, database Linux system application Python syntax advanced HTML, CSS
Three, Web development selected good article + project combat
Django framework environment construction and entry case ORM principle and database configuration project practice: CSDN micro-course mall development practice

Three, Python crawlers selected good articles
How to use Scrapy framework, Middleware data persistent storage development method Redis visualization tool use project: Python distributed crawler + data analysis project: 2020 the latest focus of the crawler mechanism and bypass

Four, data analysis and data mining tools + actual combat projects
Pandas and Seaborn will be Pandas’ Notebook Data Science module. It will be Pandas’ Notebook Data Science module. It will be Pandas’ Notebook Data Science module

5. Artificial intelligence
Features Engineering Machine Learning Spam Classification Mechanism Principle Classifier Processing Recommendation System Architecture New Algorithm Launch Process and User Satisfaction Collection Strategy RMSE and MAE Evaluation Accurate Practice Project: Movielens Recommendation Data Analysis

All technical articles selected documents, video materials, project actual combat video have been sorted to the network disk

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And these [Python project source code] are all sorted out
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As a programmer technical community, has been adhering to the “achievements of 100 million technical people” mission, in order to help Python small white from 0 system combat each application direction, play a good Python each application post core ability! CSDN launched the Python Full Stack Developer!
What are the features of this course?
1. Constantly iterating content research and development to keep up with the market
CSDN, as the domestic programming technology community and the gathering place of the domestic programmers, has a good understanding of the Python technology requirements of the current enterprises.
This course is designed by the front-line industry lecturers according to the corporate talent portrait and training needs of the enterprise, with comprehensive content and professional learning path for the students, and training the complex and professional Python development talents.
1) The course teaches Python programming grammar + 4 popular applications +10 enterprise-level practical projects from a practical perspective. Connecting all of your Python knowledge through six stages of module design creates your own Python framework. At the same time, the course keeps up with the market demand iteration, and the course content of the upgraded version of the course is free to learn within the learning cycle! 2) Multi-stack technical personnel training, from the basic knowledge to the orientation of various employment, to provide multi-module content learning. 3) Multi-level employment analysis personnel training: Python full-stack development, Python crawler, Python data analysis, Python Web, artificial intelligence and other employment direction.

2. Perfect and sound course learning/supervision system
One to one question-answering by instructors, real project practice, regular testing, head teacher supervision, live question-answering, homework correction, and effective “learning, practice, testing, evaluation, answer integrated teaching mode”, CSDN guarantees your learning effect.
In addition, CSDN will also invite some industry celebrities to hold closed-door sharing meetings for students from time to time. Maybe just a little experience sharing in job hunting and daily work can help you avoid many detours.

3. Build your own personal network
I have to mention CSDN’s in-factory promotion service: excellent students can directly promote their resumes to the desk of the employing department. Meanwhile, they can cooperate with a number of senior tutors to provide one-to-one guidance to improve your employment rate.  
At the same time, CSDN alumni from Baidu, Tencent, Toutiao, Huawei, Meituan,, Xiaomi, Apple and other well-known first-tier “star” companies exchange circle, promote mutual communication and communication, at any time with excellent people continue to learn and progress. It also provides each student with the opportunity to enter the circle of high-quality network communication.
4. For all your other questions, here are the answers:
Q1: What is the learning style?
A: Online learning: the teaching mode of live broadcasting + recording. Of course, if you can’t catch up with live broadcasting, you can watch high-definition recording and playback at any time.
Q2: Is the after-sale service of the course complete?
A: Private VIP small group services: the speaker, teaching assistant, head teacher and employment teacher provide more than one personal question-answering service to effectively ensure the speed of answering questions and improve learning efficiency.
Q3: What is the schedule of the course?
A: The course adopts the on-demand learning mode. During the learning cycle, the courses are upgraded for free learning.
Recording part: is the dry, weekly recording 4-6 hours [material], probably need 1.5-2.5 times the learning time, this is to see their own appropriate time range, recording is the lecturer in advance in the recording studio alone, after the opening to you, not the playback of the period of live Oh.
live broadcast: weekly live broadcast, 1-2 times a week, two hours a time, combing important and difficult points for expansion, usually 8-10 PM, or in the afternoon of the weekend, miss can watch the playback and review repeatedly.
Q4: Is there any guarantee for registration?
A: In order to protect your learning rights and interests and our confidence in the course, if you are not satisfied within 7 days, you can carry out the refund process with CSDN unconditionally at any time.

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