No module named numpy error in Python code

Generally, numpy is installed in “control panel + CMD”

Enter “PIP install numpy” in the command line window

The numpy installed at this time is not in the directory line of Python

No module named numpy will report an error, even if “import numpy as numpy” is imported at the beginning of the python program

2. Solutions:

(1) It is to directly find the python installation location in the DOS window and directly enter the “PIP install numpy” statement

Enter enter and wait for installation

(2) Is it mandatory to download the latest version after installation

Find the installation location of Python in DOS window, and input “PIP install numpy — ignore installed numpy” statement

Will be forced to reload in a new location, this is to install the numpy package into python

Note that the following statement is entered in the win system

If you want to build a Linux system, you should add more “sudo” fields in front of it

Namely: “sudo PIP install numpy — ignore installed numpy”

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