Essay (19) Ubuntu 16 + python2.7 update PIP report error no module named typing

Last updated at 11:03:47, June 28, 2021

Every time you enter PIP related commands, there will be a line of yellow characters, prompting you to update pip to the latest version. Today, you can’t watch the update, and then you report a big error: Import error no module named typing
the reason is that pip21 and python2.7 do not match. The typing Library in the error report only appeared in python3.5, which is not available in python2.7
If I need to use ROS, I can only use python2.7 instead of updating the version. I can only use the old version of Pip to cover the current pip21, but now any command starting with PIP will report an error, so I can only use to implement the rollback version. Refer to the link: installing pip is not working in Python & lt; three point six

- curl -O
- python
- python -m pip install --upgrade "pip < 21.0"

The third order here is unnecessary.

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