Matlab 2018a cracked the licensing error: – 8523

Matlab 2018a cracked the licensing error: – 8523

The online cracking method is described as follows: after installation, the license_ Copy standalone.lic to the license folder of MATLAB folder; Then copy netapi32.dll to bin \ win64 folder of MATLAB folder and overwrite it.

After this operation, the program will report 8523 error, and some people on the Internet say the method is OK, others say no, but they can’t find a fundamental solution. I installed it under win10 and reported the same error. After the personal test, the following methods are effective:

1. Run bin \ win64 \ activate_ Matlab.exe, select license_ Standard.lic file registration (this step may be omitted)

2. Do not open the program from the desktop shortcut. Run bin \ matlab.exe in the installation directory to open it. If the problem is solved, you can also resend this file and overwrite it with the desktop shortcut. The original file path is OK, but I haven’t studied why not.

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