Xshell 6 opens with an error prompt FlexNet_ Licensing

Before the computer from a third party website under the Xshell version 6, may not be the formal official version caused. FlexNet_Licensing Initialize Flexnet Service failed Error code 50003. Normal family/school use does not require licensing. Found a lot of answers, although this tip does not affect the use, but look awkward not. Find a solution and share it for your reference.
Error screenshot:
The attachment already exists on CSDN: File name: FlexNet_Licensing_xshell Service error Reporting solution.7z
Operation method:
If you really mind the Error popover of Error 50003, please download and unzip to a directory and run! -install.bat script to Install the service, or run! -Uninstall.bat script uninstalls this service. This script also works for Xshell 6 + Xftp 6 integrated and Xshell 5 + Xftp 5 integrated

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