Invalid Drive:H:\ (subst X: %TEMP%)

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Sometimes you install software that displays an error message that says “Invalid Drive:H:\”, or it could be
Invalid Drive:D:\ Invalid Drive:F:\ etc
The screenshot is as follows:

To solve the above problem, in CMD, type a command: subst H: %TEMP%
The screenshot is as follows:

The above command is to take the temporary path %TEMP% of the system as a partition H. After we install the software, we want to delete the newly created partition H.
How do you do that?Also execute the following command in CMD; Subst: H/D

Brief introduction to SUBST:
Using the Built-in Windows Subst.exe tool, you can simulate a path on any partition as a separate partition,
Using this tool, you can trick the installer into successfully installing the software.

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