How to Solve K8S Error getting node

During the installation or operation of k8s cluster, you may encounter problems of "error getting node", such as:

"Error getting node" err="node \"master\" not found"
dial tcp connect: connection refused"
"Error getting node" err="node \"master\" not found"
"Error getting node" err="node \"master\" not found"

The way to troubleshoot such problems is to execute the following commands to check the specific error causes:

journalctl -xeu kubelet

Find the initial error and deal with it according to different errors
according to the problems I have encountered, there are mainly the following possibilities:

  1. No swap memory disabled
  2. There is a problem with hostname setting or hosts setting (other bloggers listed reasons)
  3. The container and k8s version is not compatible (other bloggers listed reasons)

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