Solve the problem that the local flow of the nifi node is inconsistent with the cluster flow, resulting in the failure to join the cluster

  1. abnormal information
    org.apache.nifi.controller.UninheritableFlowException: Failed to connect node to cluster because local flow is different than cluster flow.
    	at org.apache.nifi.controller.StandardFlowService.loadFromConnectionResponse(
    	at org.apache.nifi.controller.StandardFlowService.load(
    	at org.apache.nifi.web.server.JettyServer.start(
    	at org.apache.nifi.NiFi.<init>(
    	at org.apache.nifi.NiFi.<init>(
    	at org.apache.nifi.NiFi.main(

    Delete the problem node ${NIFI_HOME}/conf/flow.xml.gz file, and then restart the node.

    [[email protected] conf]$ rm -rf flow.xml.gz 
    [[email protected] conf]$ ../bin/ restart

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