How to Solve Arxiv Upload with PDFLatex Error

The basic process of uploading latex files to arxiv has been clearly explained by other bigwigs, here is the main record of the problems I encountered and the solutions.

Background: I used the ACS achemso template in overleaf coding.

Need to pay attention to.

1. the reference format is bbl instead of bib, bbl is a compiled intermediate file that can be exported directly after overleaf compilation.

2. in the first five lines of .tex add \pdfoutput=1%For ARXIV

Problems encountered.

In overleaf compile completely fine file upload to arxiv after reporting an error: \pdfoutput=1%For ARXIV



1. may be a coding problem, add \UseRawInputEncoding in the first line of .tex

2. arxiv file transfer when the original file is deleted and replaced by a new file, sometimes the update will not be timely, or the compiled results of the original file, you can go back to the original interface to refresh or simply re-login.

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