How to Solve Docker failed to initialize Error

In this case, there is no need to reinstall the docker
rename the docker directory under C:\users\administrator\appdata\roaming (this directory depends on where docker is installed on everyone’s computer. My directory is: C:\users\ZK\appdata\roaming) to docker_Backup (actually delete and backup)
reason: start docker for windows.exe , which prompts that docker is not started. Click to start docker, and everything is restored as before. The original container reason is that my previous docker image installation directory is on disk e, and the application is automatically installed on the default Disk C after upgrading

Solution: docker generates a file dockerdesktop.vhdx , move this file to the newly installed directory or set {setting ---- > resources ---- > advanced ---- > disk image location} in the dockerdesktop.vhdx application (Note: a new directory will be generated. I change the permission, delete and replace it) remember to back up

Result: both the original vhdx file and the image are.

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