How to fix process system isn’t responding on Android?

How to fix process system isn’t responding on Android?

While opening apps on your android device, if you get this error which says ‘process system isn’t responding’, then you don’t need to worry about that can be fixed in a number of easy ways that if not every then surely some of them going to work. It is just a normal error which happens when kernels of apps are not working properly or hardware doesn’t seem to respond when ordered by operating system to open. Here I am going to state three of the best possible solutions which are surely going to work for you.

Fix process system isn’t responding No 1:

    1. If you have rooted your phone then undo it. Go to factory settings and reset them. Then clear the phone cache. Flash the stock room using your device.
    Note: If step 3 doesn’t work then follow the step 4. Download this on your device and flash your phone using Odin 3.04.

Process system Not responding- Fix No 2:

This is a very simply one and could be done in a matter of pressing some buttons.

    Boot your device by pressing and holding the buttons in the following order.
    Power > Menu > Volume up buttons. Wipe the phone cache using stock recovery mode and then re-boot your phone.

This is going to restore your settings and fix the error.
Process System Isn’t responding in Android- Fix no 3:
Here comes the simplest one. You won’t believe this actually works.
All you’ve got to do is remove the battery from your phone and hold the power button for a couple of seconds (or maybe more time if you want to but still it should be enough). Put the battery again and power on your phone. In this way you can fix this error the easiest way.
Fix “process system is not responding” No 4:
There still is something that you can do to get the error fixed. This is more of a hardware error that happens due to the SD card sometimes. For instance you have bought a new phone and it is giving this then it means that something in the hardware is messing with your phone because there are not any chances that a new phone would give this error. And since I have mentioned that this could happen due to something wrong in your SD card, then it is obvious that changing the SD card could help fix the problem. Another thing that I know off is that this problem seem to occur on UHC type 64 GB SD cards and if you buy a new 128 GB UHC type SD then you are most likely to get over with this problem.
Some useful information on “process system isn’t responding” error:
Here is some important information of the problem. As I have mentioned that problem can be also be fixed by changing the SD card. But you can also fix the problem without changing the SD. And that is not a very difficult task either. All you have got to do is moving some apps that are on SD, back to the phone memory and this might solve the problem. The reasons behind is that some apps are not meant to function properly on SD and when you move them to it, they cause this error “process system isn’t responding”. So our fix is simple. Move back some apps back to your phone memory and you might fix this problem with this simple way too. Hope you liked this new update in the post.
Finding this solution to the fix was quite a pleasant thing and in case you know any other solutions to this problem then you can feel free to share it with us. Leave your feedback and queries in the comment section below and stay tuned to AGEEKY for more!


I have the same issue but, while it happens every boot, it only affects one of my devices (Nexus7 grouper). I am assuming that the cause is simply a lack of resources (esp memory) during the boot process and that very little can be done from XPrivacy, even though I believe that it’s running within the System process. The ANR is happening on the System process itself and, while XPrivacy might be contributing to the problem, there’s simply a lot to do during the boot process and XPrivacy needs to be initialized in order to be able to effectively restrict all the processes and apps that get started at that time.
Recently, I have been working with the App Settings, Boot Manager and ReceiverStop modules for XPosed to reduce the system load during boot but I have not yet found a solution that prevents your issue from occurring. Again though, it only happens on one (admittedly older) device.

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