Glxchoosevisual failed in Ubuntu 16.04 steam

system :Ubuntu16.04

after the update of graphics card driver steam has been prompted that ‘glXChooseVisual failed’, how can I bear

different methods on many blogs, the graphics drivers have changed and changed, the system kernel has also changed, finally still can not completely solve the problem, of course, it may be my machine was I do too much, a variety of miscellaneous problems stacked together

the final solution is

if you are using a nvidia driver, sometimes you will find pointing to the fuzzy libGL provided by mesa and nvidia. To test this, run this command on the terminal :

sudo ldconfig -p | grep -i

you’re going to get

then you only need to delete the library provided on the table, as follows :

sudo rm /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/

and steam will be perfect

this issue was a night, finally found in this web site (, a try, the perfect solution!!!!!

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