Ubuntu 18.04/ubuntu 16.04 (Ubuntu kylin 18 / 16), the last grub installation failed

Most of the solutions found by Baidu are as follows:

The final solution is to install grub as usual. If grub fails in the last step, it will be skipped and the installation will end. Then find a Ubuntu live. After the U disk is booted and started, connect to the Internet and install * * OOT repair (there is a tutorial on the Internet) to repair grub foolishly. After repairing and restarting, you can enter the new system.
I have to say that the boot repair artifact has helped me solve grub problems for many times. It’s better than any other method, and I don’t need to type those messy commands

But I tried, but I still couldn’t. in the end, I changed the galaxy Kirin community version. This time, the installation was completely normal, and there was no such error.

It is said that 32-bit system can also be installed, and there will be no error. Only 64 bit system will fail to install grub. (I didn’t try this)

After being bothered by this bug for a long time, the system was finally installed.

Only today did I know that it was my own manual partition that would cause this problem. If it was automatic partition, it would not cause this problem! Pit father, waste so much of my time!!!

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