launch failed.Binary Not found in Linux / Ubuntu solution

launch failed.Binary not found the solution:

first of all when you’re confused about mingw solutions online, I’ll tell you to stop reading about mingw. Under Linux, mingw is not used, but

is directly completed by Linux GCC

1, look at your Eclipse Console output, if there is g++ not found, it means your system g++ did not install successfully.

Solution: Ctrl+Alt+t to terminal (console) mode, enter sudo apt-get install g++

2, not yet?

Project-> Properties-> C/C++Build-> Settings-> Binary Parsers

check GNU Elf Parser and Elf Parser

and then don’t forget about Project-> Build All (Ctrl+B), then run (Ctrl+ F11)

. If you see the item below come out called Binaries, Congradulations! Configured successfully, ready to run!

3, not yet?

check your file name is XXX. CPP ?And XXX must not contain “. “such symbols

under Windows is best used mingw…

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