ESXi creates datastore error Fail to create VMFS datastore solution

When you create a new data warehouse datastore in VMware vShere/ESXi, the following error message pops up! “Fail to create VMFS Datastore VMFS XXXX” – Cannot change the host Configuration. For the first time, it’s hard to know what to do about this bug, so here’s how to fix it!

Log in to your VMware vShere/ESXi host using SSH or Telnet, and run the following command, which lists all the storage partitions, and then copy out the ID number of the partition where the creation failed. My example is shown in red below.

Then enter the copied id after the following command:

Then fix it with the following command:

With the above fixes, you can go back to VMware vShere/ESXi host again to create datastore and no longer report errors!
Attach a KB for reference:

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