About ora-00257: archiver error. Connect internal only, until free

Cause: OrA-00257 error (not enough space). By looking up the data, most of them say that it is caused by too many archived logs, which take up all the remaining space on the hard disk. This can be solved by simply deleting the logs or increasing the storage space.
1. SecureCRT log in to the server, switch user Oracle, and connect to Oracle
[root@userbeta~]# su – oracle
[oracle@userbeta~]$ sqlplus /nolog
SQL> connect /as sysdba
2. Check the use of Flash Recovery Area. It can be seen that ArchivelOG is already large, reaching 99.94
3. Now clean up the archivelog archivelog and backup is recommended for production
Query the log directory location
show parameter recover;
4. Log out of SQLPLUS, log in with root, and delete the archive logs after backup
Enter a target address first; Create a new Oracle archive log backup directory
Mkdir Oracle archive log backup
Go to the archive log source directory (UPRR is the database instance name) :
cd /mnt/install/ora_11g/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/UPRR/archivelog/
First go outside the Archivelog directory:
cd ..
Backup archivelog archive logs to the previously created oracle archivelog backup directory:
Cp-rf archivelog/MNT /oracle archivelog backup /
After waiting for the backup to complete, delete the archive logs that have been backed up
5. After the archive log is deleted, the control file must be maintained with RMAN, otherwise the space display will not be released
Log in to the server using Oracle user and enter RMAN maintenance:
rman target sys/pass
Check for some useless Archivelog
RMAN> crosscheck archivelog all;
Delete all Archivelog as of the previous day
RMAN> delete archivelog until time ‘sysdate-1’ ;
6. Query the use of Flash Recovery Area again:
Follow step 1 to enter the SQLPLUS environment, then use the following command to query the discovery, using only 0.66%, indicating that the archived logs have been cleared successfully!

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