An error is reported when the laptop is turned on: image failed to verify with * access denied* press any key to continue

Reason: The laptop has degraded protection for the system, so you need to set the BIOS before converting Win8 to Win7.
1. Press F2 to enter the BIOS (laptop hotkeys are different) and find Boot–& GT; secure boot–> To: disabled – & gt; OS Mode Selection has been changed to CSM OS.
2. In the advanced – & gt; Fast BIOS Mode is changed to disable.
3. Save and exit.
Two, if this preloaded is the Win8, and is a newer model, so when you want to remove the Win8, install the Win7 system will encounter problems.
problem number one is that the secure boot is not turned off, so you need to go to the BIOS and turn off secure boot.
problem two, is because the new machine win8 start way for UEFI, is Intel comes in to begin to promote the new standard, and can’t directly support to win7. You need to change the boot mode to both or Legathy in the BIOS

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