Error occurred when Python installed the pocketsphinx module (package): Command‘ swig.exe “Failed: no such file or directory

command ‘swig.exe’ failed: No such file or directory when installing pocket sphinx today. I found a lot of content on the Internet, and finally I succeeded.
first of all, my computer is Windows10 system, the method is only available for Windows system, other systems do not know.
error is due to the fact that swig is missing from your computer, so you need to download and install it. I download from the website of the latest package swig 4.0.2, website address is:
to unzip the downloaded files to C pan-gen directory. I want to emphasize the root directory here, because my previous attempts to put it in C:\Program Files (x86) still didn’t work (for unknown reasons). Finally, I just put it under C:\swigwin-4.0.2.
then add a new path path to the environment variable.

after the above steps are completed, then there is no problem with installing pocketsphinx.

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