Failed to find Build Tools revision 27.0.3

because of the problem of the computer system, the entire 8G memory of the computer running Android Studio was consumed, so I just reinstalled the computer and re-installed Android Studio.

error message
11:44	Gradle sync failed: Failed to find Build Tools revision 27.0.3
		Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log) (1 m 17 s 505 ms)

when Android studio was installed and the project was imported, Failed to find Build Tools revision 27.0.3 which caused the compilation to fail. The main problem is that the APT tool compiled by Android Studio is inconsistent with the tool imported by the target project. My download is a compilation tool of 28.0.3, while the target Android project USES a compilation tool of 27.0.3, so we need to download such a compilation tool.

download address:

select version (since I have a Windows PC) :

unzip and place in the corresponding folder:

28.0.3 folder here can be deleted without

copied content

now after we rebuild, we find that the small compiled triangle lines in the project can be used

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