Error note 404 error

got a 404 error when I was running the login interface. At the beginning, I thought it was a database error (because there was no database information printed in the background), so I made crazy mistakes for the database. Generally, a large probability of database error is a statement error, so be careful!
and then the database frame package has a problem (of course, is a very small probability)
carefully compared to find that the database driver has, the database statement is also right, but I wrote the redirection is clearly main.jsp, but he kept skipping main.html.
Then Baidu 404 error reason for the path error, but the path configuration did not find the problem.
Finally, the boss corrected my mistake and found that the click event written on the submit button was: &western nclick = “javascript: window. Location = ‘main. HTML'”, and to have written form form the from, if the words in the wrong circumstances in the submit written &western nclick = “javascript: window. Location = ‘main. HTML'” will perform, form the action in the form will not work, it is only by priority or load sequence, thus can jump in the main. All the time only HTML web page,
and finally the successful login screen.

to review the web. By the way in the XML configuration file: get ✔
On September 6, another 404 error

was also found after a series of comparison in the database
The big guy’s solution is to clean the project. For efficiency, Eclipse doesn’t check the plug-in every time you start the project. Clean forces Eclipse to check the installed plug-in. We all know that.Java files are run by compiling to.class files, and clean deletes the compiled and generated.class files and redeploys the project.
because the previously incorrect class file is always in the project, the execution is always wrong

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