Error importing keras in jupyter Notebook: modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘keras’ solution

For the first time using Jupyter encountered some problems, a simple record.
I use anaconda comes with jupyter notebook, directly in the terminal input

jupyter notebook

The page just pops up. Or you can install it with PIP.
default is open C disk directory, if you want to open C disk outside the path, you can open the required directory in the terminal, then open jupyter notebook, or directly after the command to add a path, such as:

jupyter notebook D:\xxx\xxx

When I was running the code, I encountered a ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘Keras’.
the solution is as follows:
1, enter the configured virtual environment in the terminal

activate keras

2. Execute the following command:

conda install nb_conda

3, after installation, then start the Jupyter Notebook, it is OK.
need to restart jupyter notebook after every environment update, as I do.
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