On the use of cnzz statistics advertising research note

   when I was working on a website, the first thing I thought of was cnzz data statistics service, which is now merged by the alliance.
   I often find that advertisements appear in the website for no reason, but I have not joined any advertising alliance myself. I felt very strange. I searched the Internet and found that what I said on the Internet was basically abuse of cnzz

Abuse of cnzz

I also feel very depressed. I feel that they are killing themselves. Then I encountered this problem again today. I changed Baidu’s statistics and found that there is still this problem. Then I looked at the problems and the reasons carefully

Found something in the red wire.

http://w.c-cnzz.com/cl.php #This web address, the following parameters are not written

After several times of cleaning up, this thing and advertisement appeared all the time. I was depressed for a long time. Looking back one time, I suddenly found the problem:

http://w.c-cnzz.com # There are advertisements

https://s13.cnzz.com/ #JS link of cnzz, no advertisement

It turns out that the problem lies here. The two domains are different, but they seem to be related to each other. They all have cnzz characters, which makes people easily associate with each other.
Later, after testing, I found that because my own website is HTTP protocol, I didn’t open HTTPS, so when I took the link of Baidu JS in the figure above, it was wrong http://push.zhanzhang.baidu.com/push.js For this unsafe address, others have a good chance to get a W.C- cnzz.com We’re going to see the ads coming out. Really bad!!!

I checked the IP addresses of the two domains again:

w.c- cnzz.com The IP address of Alibaba cloud is

s13. cnzz.com The IP is

Then the correct solution is to use all the external resource files in the way of HTTPS, so there will be no problem.

In summary, we should be more careful when we encounter problems in the future. It’s better to use HTTPS to protect resources outside the station!

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