DEVC + + configuring OpenGL

First of all, very, very important, don’t know what is my version of the problem was strange reasons, in a 64 – bit compiler under me, no matter use what method can’t configuration is successful, but under the 32-bit compiler success soon, so if you are completely in accordance with some online method to configure but can’t succeed, may first take a look at yourself in the compiler is 32 bits.
Glut. h in the GL folder of your compile environment include. Then put GLUT32.lib in any lib directory, and add the command -lopengl32-lglu32-lglut32 when connecting. Try replacing -lglut32 with “glut32.lib “as the path to the file /glut32.lib. It should work.
The following is my configuration :(ignoring that I installed DevC ++ in the folder downloaded from Baidu Cloud…
Above, you should be able to start using DevC ++ for OpenGL programming.

2018.11.19 update
Today, when I was helping my roommate configure the environment, I encountered a strange problem: the glut32.dll file was missing
I have already put glut32.dll in the System32 folder according to previous experience, but I can’t solve this problem… But after a bit of searching on Baidu, I found that for some reason I don’t know, I might need to put the file in the SysWow64 folder.

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