Codeblock configuring OpenGL

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1.2 a complementary
if after the previous configuration still doesn’t work, can also be so give it a try. Right-click Project-> on an existing Project; Build Option, add the following in Linker Settings:

I was a program configuration how can not run up, and then listen to a classmate’s advice, according to his practice, add the above several, and then OK. I don’t know where he found such a scheme. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I’ll write it down first.

1.3 two very tangled problems
but painfully two problems, other students basic didn’t meet, I must have met… Compiling is not through, tangled, and then according to the following method to get it done.

All in all a lot of red errors…

There you go, just write this at the very beginning of your code.
No. 2

error: redeclaration of c + + built – in type ‘would be’ [- fpermissive]
text will jump out of a code, there are so few lines

use Google search, you can refer to this person to answer the question why

If wchart is already defined (to short for example), butthe
hartdefined macro is not, the line will then be treated as:
t>ef unsigned short short;
Which is a redeclaration of the built-in type. (don’t use the .h btw, it’s not used anymore per standard) is adding defines such that the typedef is not executed, or undef’ing wchar_t if it is a macro such that the typedef is legal.

Then my problem solved so merrily
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