Vs2015 configuring OpenGL (glfw Library)

Recently to use OpenGL, in VS2015 configuration cost a lot of effort, now will be my results directly contribute to everyone, hope to need to configure OpenGL under VS2015 readers save some trouble.
Documents to prepare
Baidu cloud link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qZbcLtU password: f58o
PS: The tutorial gives you a 32-bit library. Baidu Cloud Resource is the 64-bit runtime I compiled later. The configuration process is similar to
Download the relevant header files

Download or compile the relevant library files
Here I used the library files compiled by Win32, that is, the Release of x86 platform, including the lib static library and the dynamic DLL library;

File storage
Put all the header and library files in one folder (I put them in the D:/freeglutlib folder);

Part program
1. Open VS2015, create a new Win32 console program, set the compilation environment as x86 or Win32, Release version;

2. Find the property manager and create a new property sheet under the corresponding compilation environment;

3. Select the VC++ directory ->; Include directory, library directory, just saved the header file and library file corresponding folder to add in

4, Compiler ->; Input – & gt; Attach a dependency, and type the DLL names of all the external libraries used

5. Add code in main file to test

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