Create an OpenGL project in codeblock

This semester’s graphics need to use OpenGL, but the teacher configured OpenGL in class is VS2010, I don’t know what is wrong with my computer. Several installs of VS2010 are useless. So I went online to find out how to configure OpenGL in Codeblock. But many of them are useless. Very not easy to find the method is feasible in this blog (assault delete) :
The resources I also uploaded to:
Specific configuration method (yes I was the screenshot. Face covering) : Ahah

How do you create the project once you’ve configured it?
1. The file – & gt; New – & gt; For the project, select GLUT Project

The following steps are done by themselves. This is it

You need to select MinGW, and the next step is to create it successfully.
If you want to add files to the Codeblock project, select the project -> from the top function bar; Just add it.

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