The web project removal server reports an error, and the web project in eclipse cannot be automatically deployed to Tomcat

1. In the servers view at the bottom of eclipse, remove all deployed projects, as shown in the figure:

two   On the server, right-click and select open, or press F3 in the blank space, or double-click to open the following page:

three   Select “use Tomcat installation” in “server locations”, and you can clearly see that the default is “use”   Workspace metadata “, that is, the directory mentioned above. Then write webapps at the path of deploy, as shown in the following figure:

After modification, save it. In this way, future projects will be published to webapps under Tomcat.

Note: 1. In eclipse, publishing a web project in this way will divide the conf folder of the original server into a backup folder, and create a new folder to configure the web project published by eclipse. So you still need to write a Java Web project using MyEclipse

2. Sometimes, nothing can be selected under the server locations project. You can delete the server, add the Tomcat server again, and then right-click to open it and modify it.

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