Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.

Using the event scheduler (schedule tasks) in mysql,
The statement is written and runs fine, but it doesn’t have the desired result. The reasons for the failure of many planned tasks are summarized online. None of them fit me.
When you open the event table in phpmyAdmin, you see the following red prompt: Connection for Controluser as defined in your Configuration Failed.
“Due to the failure of the control user connection defined in the configuration.”
Without further ado, find phpyAdmin’s configuration file PHP, and see a paragraph like this:
/* PMA User advanced features */
$CFG [‘Servers’][$I][‘controluser’] = ‘PMA ‘;
$CFG [‘ the Servers’] [$I] [‘ controlpass] = $password;
It turns out that this user is the advanced user, when I installed the integration environment before, I didn’t let the user enter, I just needed to enter password,
As a result, I usually use a root account, but this account is not a power user, so I changed the pMA to root.
Back on the event table page, the red prompt disappears. My plan has started to work.
There are also people on the Internet who have summarized the reasons for the very common failure of event scheduling. Some important things to note are:
After the server is shut down and restarted, the planned task fails, which is not approved in the actual production.

Able to change mysql’s configuration file to resolve, add an event_scheduler=ON to my. Ini

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